Tibet • Lhasa – Fountain Dance

Tibet truly is a mystical place.  I had the opportunity to visit the holy city of Lhasa, the administrative capital of Tibet.  Lhasa is one of the highest cities in the world with an altitude of 3,490 metres and with it’s Buddhist monasteries that climb into the mountains, you really feel like you are above the clouds.

Amidst the tension between the Chinese army and the native Tibetan’s fighting for independence, photo taking was severely scrutinized and limited by the ever present army. Photos of any soldier was strictly not allowed but the following photos show a lighter side of life in Tibet.  These were taken at the daily fountain display that happens in the evening at the People’s Square across the street from Potala Palace.  Essentially, the fountain display is a show of water, music, and lights.  As you can see, teenagers flock to the fountains and dance and run through them trying to predict and dodge the jets of water that unpredictably spray out from under them.


Cambodia • Siem Reap – Angkor Wat


Good Morning Chiang Mai

Temples are littered through out the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. Your guess is as good as mine as to why these fine feathered friends were hanging out there.

Hong Kong 2011

Hong Kong super condensed and hectic.

Seoul • Korea • Pt.5 – Seoul Tower

N Seoul tower is one of the great tourist attractions in Seoul.  Most people take the cable car up, but myself and my friends decided to walk it.  It took us around 2 hours.  Our mistake, but the photos were worth it.

Japan Pt.5 • Prayers

Part 5 marks the conclusion of my multipart photo-journal and tribute to Japan…

At Meiji Shrine temple visitors often inscribe messages on wooden placards. They consist mostly of wishes and aspirations, things that people hope for, either for themselves or for the world. Some are funny, some are strange, but they all have their own unique charm.

If you havent donated to the cause already, please do so, as Japan need as much support as possible.
There is still much re-building ahead. Thanks and blessings.

Japan Pt.4.5 • Shibuya Crossing # 2

Shibuya is a must see when i comes to places to check out while in Japan.  What better way to share the experience than with an animated gif.  Here is another one for you…

Also check out Shibuya Crossing # 1

Part.4.5 of my photo-journal and tribute to Japan. Prayers and best wishes to all our friends in Japan.

Camera: Nikon D700 w/ 50mm f1.4G

Japan Pt.4 • Shibuya Crossing # 1

Shibuya is a must see when it comes to places to check out while in Japan.  What better way to share the experience than with an animated gif.

Part.4 of my photo-journal and tribute to Japan. Prayers and best wishes to all our friends in Japan.

Camera: Nikon D700 w/ 14-24mm f2.8G

Japan Pt.3 • Osaka Train Conductor

My photo-journal / tribute to Japan continues…

Japan Rail train conductor.

Camera: Nikon D700 w/ 50mm f1.4G

Japan Pt.2

Floating Temples, Japanese Deer, Funny Prayers, Geisha, and Fushimi Inari.
These images were captured at various temples in and around Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Part.2 of my photo-journal and tribute to Japan. Prayers and best wishes to all our friends in Japan.

Camera: Nikon D700 w/ 50mm f1.4G, 85mm f 1.4D, & 14-24mm f2.8G

Japan Pt.1 • Intro

I’m sure you have all heard about the huge earthquake that hit the north eastern region of Japan. Thankfully most of the country has not suffered any loss, although hundreds of thousands in the immediate areas of the earthquake, subsequent tsunamis, and now fear of nuclear meltdown, have become displaced by this tragedy.  I know Japan is a resilient people and have recovered from past tragedies that would have decimated a society. The next few weeks will be a testament of their strength as I know they will swiftly rise past all this.   My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

These are some images that i captured at various locations around Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hiroshima in the spring of 2009.  This is part 1 of a multipart photo-journal as a tribute to Japan. God bless.

Camera: Nikon D700 w/ 50mm f1.4G, 85mm f 1.4D, & 14-24mm f2.8G

Asicks • Through The Looking Glass

A portrait of the subject taking a photograph of the photographer.

Camera : Canon 5DmkII w/ 35mm f1.4L

Model : Asicks

Seoul • Korea • Pt.4 – Buddha at Bonguensa Temple

It is such a juxtapose when you find an ancient Buddhist temple across the street from a giant shopping complex.  Welcome to Seoul, where you can shop and pray at one’s convenience and pay homage to new and old religions.

Camera : Nikon D700 w/ 14-24mm f2.8


Seoul • Korea • Pt.3 – Seoul Tower (love locks)

Initially I intended for Part 3 of my Seoul Korea photo journal to be about Seoul Tower, and it is, but more specifically about the chain link fence that surrounds the grounds directly at the base the tower.  As you can see, it is littered with locks.  People and couples over the years have inscribed messages of love and hope.  So coincidentally i find it  fitting that i post this today…

It is after all Valentine’s Day.

Camera : Nikon D700 w/14-24mm f2.8

Seoul • Korea • Pt.2 – The Changing of the Royal Guard

I stumbled upon this scene by pure chance.  I was trying to book my flight to Tokyo at the near by offices of Korea Airlines, when all of a sudden a crowd began to form in from of the gates at Deoksu Palace.  I really had no idea what was about to happen, so i decided to stick around…  It was the daily changing of the royal guard

Camera : Nikon D700 w/ 85mm f1.4D

Arcee + Kaewonder + DJ Serious = Cratery 25: Dollarate II

I am really proud to be a part of this monthly podcast called Cratery. As much as i am passionate about making photographs, my first love is definitely music. My time is usually divided between the two, but in this case i can indulge in both at the same time. My other career, that is, when i’m not behind the camera, is the life of a dj.…

Camera : Nikon D7000 w/ 24mm f1.4G

(download link)

What began as a humble, hour long dig-diary is now a vital, vinyl ritual, complete with it’s own cult following, monthly party and award-winning logo. We begin our 3rd year of Cratery with a 2nd. The 2nd official edition of Dollarate: our post-holiday guide to wallet-friendly digging. Theoretically, the records on this month’s podcast are all records that you should be able to find for $10 and under. Please don’t be that dude that drops $20 on Fancy’s Wild thing LP in the Cosmos beats and breaks section. As usual, Kaewonder, Serious and I go one-for-one on some dollar bin heat that just might have you sifting through a stack of Roger Whittaker/Nana Mouskouri/Mantovani records at the local Goodwill you’d all but given up on. Don’t forget to join us for Cratery Live: This Saturday February 5th and the first Saturday of every month at Red Light (1185 Dundas St west).

1. Fancy “Feel Good”
2. Hello People “Wheat Germ”
3. Black Ball “Sexy Mama”
4. Ettore Strata “Theme from Godfather II”
5. Bo Hansson “The Sun”
6. Jeff Lorber “Cousin Stu”
7. Deodato “September 13”
8. Weather Report “Non Stop Home”
9. Klaus Wunderlich “Summertime”
10. Henry Mancini “Sun Goddess”
11.. The Sylvers “Star Fire”
12. Cat Stevens “Was dog a doughnut”
13. Ronnie Laws “Tidal Wave”
14. The Supremes “Come into my life”
15. Alicia Myers “When love starts to go”

Seoul • Korea • Pt.1 – Intro

I visited Korea in spring of 2009 and honestly I didn’t have much in the way of pre-notions for my stay.   Perhaps this lack of expectation was the reason I was extra blown away by its charm.  Imagine giant shoppings malls dwarfing untouched ancient buddhist temples with sprawling concrete and glass shooting next to colorful hand painted royal palaces. You can see the countries future and cultural heritage standing boldly right next to one another.  It’s an awesome juxtapose to witness first hand.  Old and new clashing together literally and metaphorically.

I present to you part one of my photo-series highlighting Seoul South Korea.

Enjoy! DY

Camera : Nikon D700 w/ 50mm f1.4G & 85mm f1.4D & 14-24mm f2.8G

Skull Snaps

Skull Snaps – original vinyl pressing.  One of the most ever used drum samples.  As soon as you hear the first bars come in on “It’s A New Day”, you’ll begin to rack your brain as to who and how many people have sampled this song.  The art work is every bit as amazing.

Canon 5DmkII w/ 100mm f2.8 Macro IS

Mes Amis

I always have a camera close by. Not because i’m obsessed, although i do have some OCD tendancies, but its really just out of habit now. It’s like getting used to wearing a watch and then one day trying to not wear one.   So for this very reason, my friends are always ready willing and able to help me make some cool photos.  (disclaimer: the cigarette was for visual effect only… lol.)

Camera : Nikon D7000 w/ 24mm f1.4

Models : dj Ariel | b-boy Jedi