Seoul • Korea • Pt.1 – Intro

I visited Korea in spring of 2009 and honestly I didn’t have much in the way of pre-notions for my stay.   Perhaps this lack of expectation was the reason I was extra blown away by its charm.  Imagine giant shoppings malls dwarfing untouched ancient buddhist temples with sprawling concrete and glass shooting next to colorful hand painted royal palaces. You can see the countries future and cultural heritage standing boldly right next to one another.  It’s an awesome juxtapose to witness first hand.  Old and new clashing together literally and metaphorically.

I present to you part one of my photo-series highlighting Seoul South Korea.

Enjoy! DY

Camera : Nikon D700 w/ 50mm f1.4G & 85mm f1.4D & 14-24mm f2.8G