Tibet • Lhasa – Fountain Dance

Tibet truly is a mystical place.  I had the opportunity to visit the holy city of Lhasa, the administrative capital of Tibet.  Lhasa is one of the highest cities in the world with an altitude of 3,490 metres and with it’s Buddhist monasteries that climb into the mountains, you really feel like you are above the clouds.

Amidst the tension between the Chinese army and the native Tibetan’s fighting for independence, photo taking was severely scrutinized and limited by the ever present army. Photos of any soldier was strictly not allowed but the following photos show a lighter side of life in Tibet.  These were taken at the daily fountain display that happens in the evening at the People’s Square across the street from Potala Palace.  Essentially, the fountain display is a show of water, music, and lights.  As you can see, teenagers flock to the fountains and dance and run through them trying to predict and dodge the jets of water that unpredictably spray out from under them.




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