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  • Japan Pt.5 • Prayers

    Japan Pt.5 • Prayers

    Part 5 marks the conclusion of my multipart photo-journal and tribute to Japan… At Meiji Shrine temple visitors often inscribe messages on wooden placards. They consist mostly of wishes and aspirations, things that people hope for, either for themselves or for the world. Some are funny, some are strange, but they all have their own…

  • Japan Pt.2

    Japan Pt.2

    Floating Temples, Japanese Deer, Funny Prayers, Geisha, and Fushimi Inari. These images were captured at various temples in and around Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Part.2 of my photo-journal and tribute to Japan. Prayers and best wishes to all our friends in Japan. DY Camera: Nikon D700 w/ 50mm f1.4G, 85mm f 1.4D, & 14-24mm f2.8G

  • Japan Pt.1 • Intro

    Japan Pt.1 • Intro

    I’m sure you have all heard about the huge earthquake that hit the north eastern region of Japan. Thankfully most of the country has not suffered any loss, although hundreds of thousands in the immediate areas of the earthquake, subsequent tsunamis, and now fear of nuclear meltdown, have become displaced by this tragedy.  I know…

  • Seoul • Korea • Pt.4 – Buddha at Bonguensa Temple

    Seoul • Korea • Pt.4 – Buddha at Bonguensa Temple

    It is such a juxtapose when you find an ancient Buddhist temple across the street from a giant shopping complex.  Welcome to Seoul, where you can shop and pray at one’s convenience and pay homage to new and old religions. DY Camera : Nikon D700 w/ 14-24mm f2.8